Project Update October 10th, 2021

Hi Everyone, here is our update this week!


Our copy and graphics are done on our website! We just need to add our documentation to it now and confirm details with Vault. See more below about that.

We have had amazing templates designed for us which are now complete so this week we will apply them to our documents and add to the site. (Thank you Eiche :)) Once our skeletal documents are added we will begin implementing our brand vision for Gauntlet which will include articles, podcasts and more.

We are sad to learn that our developer had a close family member suddenly pass away during the middle of the week. All the team here at Gauntlet wish to extend our condolences to you and your family. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, we didn’t launch the site this week however, our timeline is now next week.

A business isn’t a business until it can sell and buy and this is very important for us here at Gauntlet. Users will be able to purchase games from within our client and so we wanted to come up with a solution that would or could rather, allow users to do this using both crypto and FIAT coming in and exchanging GAU on the way out. Of course, there will be many uses for GAU inside the client such as; donations, gifts, upgrades and product purchases however some will want to exchange it for other cryptos and possibly even FIAT.

With this in mind and even though we have not finalised our structure with all this yet, we had an amazing call with an international payment’s processor\exchange\marketplace this week and it could possibly work well with us however we may not start with it, it could very we’ll be a solid solution going forward for efficiency, user centred experience and business expansion as it could make us visible outside of the gaming niche also. This will be important as will be offering more than gaming elements to our client offering.

So many are asking where can we buy and this is opening up talks of exchanges etc. We did say that we are lining up potential exchanges and we are however we will need to sell GAU too in the interim. When the site is launched (should be by the end of this week coming) we will have our Vault packages available so people can choose a suitable package and get more involved in supporting us if they wish. Big shout out to Ian in Vault thank you for all your support and patience with us to date. More on this in next week’s update.

Games Provider
We will be selling games, passes, gift cards and more in the client. Our provider who we will not mention yet is currently reviewing our documentation for approval. We are working with them tirelessly to ensure that we can integrate their system into our client when we are ready to test. This is huge for us! We will let you know when things are finalised.

Next Week
Next week we will be completing the documentation for the website, adding Vault coins package options, drilling down to create brand awareness documents, following up with partners and all going good, resume coding for the rest of the tabs.

Until next week folks!

Have a good one,

Gauntlet Team