Project Update 3rd of October

Hi Everyone,

This is this week’s update; hope you are all having a great weekend.

Website Copy

We completed our web copy this week which was carefully thought out. We wanted to keep in line with our new brand approach and we feel that we accomplished this. We’ve added the copy to the site also and we are currently working on graphics for it. So, stay tuned to start seeing it all revealed very shortly.

Document Mapping

We mapped our immediate document requirements for the site to get everything functional for now and to kick start other processes such as OTC sales, partnership discussions and user engagement. Once these immediate documents are on our new site, we will commence mapping out our short- and long-term document release strategy which will entail awareness and core product campaigns. Our main focus right now is revamping our Whitepaper and putting it in place as soon as possible.


We’ve started to code the back-end framework for the client as we are progressing through the tabs and normal coding activities will resume next week after the graphics for the website are integrated.

PIVX Eyeballs

I had a talk with one of the PIVX representatives a while ago and spoke to them about the concept of Gauntlet. They loved it and want to see our prototype when its finished. Currently I think they are only supporting one gaming project so we are excited for them to see our demo and hoping for the best. Once we are almost there, we will resume talks with them. **

Pending Discussions**

So, there are other parties that are interested in our development to see where we are going to take this. We are excited to know we will be lining up interested exchanges, gaming communities and niche groups in the coming months as we draw close to development completion. These will be announced closer to the time.

Community Manager

We are looking for a community manager to assist us grow our community. If anybody is interested in working with us please contact us at the email address below or alternatively contact us on our Discord channel.

OTC Sales

We will open up for OTC sales once our website is up and running which should be at the end of this week all going well. Our primary platform for OTC sales will be Vault who have been very supportive of us throughout our transitions over the past year and a bit. We will announce this once we go live with the site.

Contact Us

Please if you have any queries about our project or you want to join us in any capacity, let us know by emailing here

Next Week

We will focus on completing the graphics and adding the required documentation to make the site go live. This will mean that OTC GAU sales will also go live. We will resume our normal full-time development on the client also and continue to plan and prepare for documentation mapping and partner talks. As you know partner talks take time and we know we’ve more to go before we become a serious attraction for some of them however as it’s just a matter of time before our beta test phase will commence, some are waiting until then to proceed further. This is normal. OK folks that is it for this week until next week.

Have a good one!

Gauntlet Team

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.