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Oct 30, 2021

3 min read

Project Update, 30th of October

Hi Everyone,

Hope everybody had a great week. Here is this week’s update!


Our focus was on the website up to the start of this week so we completed that and the developer worked on the rewards tab as there is a lot of elements to be showcased in it for user experience and engagement. Some graphical updates were also worked on in other tabs. We are always trying to improve user experience as we believe this is very important.


We updated the GAU Wallet Security and GAU Masternode documents using our new look template and they will be uploaded on the site at the start of next week. I think the Wallet guide is already up and can be viewed at the footer of the website

Marketing Planning

We worked with our writer and superb UX designer on a roll-out document and podcast awareness plan this week which has over 30 different topics that we will be diving into and some of them range from Health & Technology, Cryptocurrency, Gaming Opportunities, Social Anxiety & Gaming, Social Responsibility and the future of gaming rewards and much more. Stay tuned when these start to roll out in late November/early December. Great work buddy and thank you for all your help.

G2A Business Partnership

This little announcement is along time coming! After many months of getting our business and tax documents in order, we finally are now officially a G2A partner! This means several things for Gauntlet and they are as following:

We will be selling products; digital, physical and pre-orders. We will be customising a basic storefront on our website initially while we continue to the develop the client however, we will have a nice range of gaming titles to choose from an array of publisher genres.

We will have our own support portal that will link with G2A’s one, as customer service will be our number one focus after experience and user engagement which will follow a close second.

We will be linked with game publishers which will allow us to create further gaming partnerships with some of the top publishers out there.

API integration will allow us to do lots of things including sell games and game related accessories both physical and digital, set up bespoke customisation storefronts, customer service systems and global distribution channels.

With this said, we will be starting small, via a basic web-based storefront initially and then set up a more advanced store in-client and build it out from there. Is this very exciting for Gauntlet? 1000000% yes!

GAU Purchasing

We were asked a question during the week by somebody if users could purchase items in-game with GAU coins. This is our plan through publisher partnerships. So, if you are playing Fortnite and want to purchase something in the game, it would be possible to purchase it with GAU from your wallet balance. Our goal is both an external and internal GAU purchase facility. This is very exciting!


As you know our website is up however, we will be adding more images, documents and other categories to it over the coming weeks and months. If there is anything you feel we could add to our site now please let us know and we will create a task for it if it’s in line with what we envision for our future. Thank you in advance. You can catch us on Discord or email us at

Next Week

Next week we will continue to work on the marketing document and media plan, begin API checks with G2A, continue coding the store and rewards tabs, update a Tokenomics section on the website, resume exchange talks and more.

Until then have a fantastic weekend!

Gauntlet Team