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Sep 27, 2021

3 min read

Project Update, 26th of September

Hi Everybody,

Hope we are all doing well. Here is this weekend’s update. We try to get them out to you on Friday’s but not always possible with so many things happening here. Without further a do….

Website Work

We have selected our theme, purchased and set up servers and have done the initial
stages of the copywriting. We hope to get the majority of the site done by next weekend. Documentation will be added and other features then as we are developing the client.

Client Development

As we are focusing on the website last week and this coming week, we did manage to change the client colours to colours that are brighter and that reflect the GAU experience. We will be looking at other tabs this coming week as we prepare for API chats with one of our partners which will be revealed soon.

Social Media

All social media logos have been changed to reflect our new branding however some changes and additions may still occur in the coming weeks.

Whitepaper & Documentation Template

We’ve outsourced the design of our document templates which we will use for all our documentation which will be consistent with the rest of everything do.

Partner Submission

We’ve submitted all our legal documents to our partner which we are keeping silent about now for obvious reasons. We will keep updated on this no problem.

Brand Document

Document is complete and ready for action this next week regarding our brand approach. Who we are and what we are trying to accomplish is very important to us.

NFT Plans

We plan on designing our own NFT’s once our prototype is ready. We have sourced a very skilled designer who can assist us with this. Our NFT’s will focus on our Mascot Mojo. His story will be put up on our site in the next couple of weeks.


In order to make our client more engaging we would like your feedback on launching an in-client music selector. This won’t occur until our initial product is created. Whether we launch a customised music app or synth genres we are unsure. What do you think would go better? This of course can be turned off if the user wishes. Let us know in any of our social media channels.

Next Week

We want to complete the website save some documentation as we are waiting on templates and other data to be completed. We hopefully want to make an announcement regarding one of our partners and work on some additional development features. Our goal is to resume full development after this week once our website is finished.


We are grateful to our community for their patience in our journey so far. We notice that some days there is little chat in the main room and we do intent to get more active in there ourselves, myself and fury. Please feel free to post Gauntlet related images and discussions in there.

That’s it folks until next week!

Gauntlet Team