Project Update, 18th of September

Hi Everyone,

Hope y’all are doing good :) Here is Friday’s development update!

Client Development

Client Development was put on hold this week as we needed to stabilise the network and start on our website development. Client development will proceed towards the end of next week or at the start of the following.

Website Development

We registered the new domain and purchased new servers for the web hosting. We also added ssl and of course as you can see our mascot Mojo has taken the domain :) We will proceed with working on the website next week.

Network Stabilisation

As mentioned above we made the network more stable by setting up additional seednodes. You will see a significant difference now when syscing so new wallet holders can get excited about that.


Branding document complete however we did not send it to the core for rewiew yet as we got caughtup this week with nodes and other development processes. We are now aiming for Wednesday next week to submit it for review and feedback from our core group.

Core Group

We’ve mentioned who are core group a few times on these updates, they are essentially long standing GAU members who have not only purchase GAU token from us but also put a lot of time into designing and planning the operations of Gauntlet and it’s future roadmap. As they are trusted advisors/supporters of the project, we tend to run everything by them for feedback before making anything public. This keeps our workload under review and motivated to deliver that best work-efforts we can give. So we would like to thank them so much for helping us get this far, when others doubted us you guys didn’t.

Anti-Cheat System

We are going to integrate our very own Anti-cheat system into the GAU Client and we need to do this for various reaons. Fair Play is important in gaming right across the board. It puts everybody at an even playing field and Gauntlet don’t want any surprises on their either. So once a user downloads the client,
it will verify the user and flag any suspicious behaviour in any of the client tabs. The details will be released once we beging to integrate it.

To-Do Lists

Adding to our already growing to-do list we are looking into potential exchanges, fundraising platform and organisations to partner with as we continue our development. Our main purpose is to get us to the prototype
completion stage and have other processes ready then we we do.

That’s pretty much for this week folks,

Until next weekend, have a great week and stay excited!

Gauntlet Team

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.