Gauntlet E-Sport

Oct 18, 2021

3 min read

Project Update, 18th of October

Hi Everyone,

Hope everybody is having a great weekend. Here is this week’s update!


We worked on the rewards tab as we are waiting on our game’s supplier (agreement finalisation) so we can continue our store tab. So, our rewards tab will identify Game Titles that you played, the amount of GAU you earned, when you earned it, the time it took to earn that and a progress status until your next reward payment.
We also double checked the links in the new website to make sure all is working well and the correct relative pages were in place. The site is technically ready to be released, just waiting on documentation now which is currently being worked on.


Before we release the website, we are completing our documents and they will be completed this week. We did get delayed with the Whitepaper as there were aspects in it from the old one that needed updating, edited and new content added to reflect our current vision and brand position. We will announce later this week when it’s ready.


We spoke with an exchange towards the latter end of last week about a possible partnership. We have registered our interest with them and will be speaking with them again this coming week about getting more details. We do know that they are a global exchange, fully licensed and regulated and will also cater for FIAT to cryptocurrency exchange however this will be limited to European countries. Crypto to Crypto exchange however we are led to believe will be internationally available. Stay tuned as we will release more details about this as it comes to us. They have a very rigid but impressive asset listing/trading and partner program so stay tuned to our updates. Exchanges are coming folks!


Our initial site will have a subscription box available for people who wish to join our email list. Our updates can be sent to their inbox weekly in case they miss them on social media, Discord or Telegram. Any special releases will also be emailed to users. We will not spam however we will be offering our users opportunities, once we launch to purchase game deals or competitions we may be running etc. We will be announcing these in good time anyway but users can easily opt out of these by clicking the link at the bottom of their emails. Our selected email provider is fully compliant with GDPR guidelines and we will be enforcing them also through our own internal and external activities too.

This Week

Our priority is to complete the documents and release the website and work on back-end coding for some of the other client tabs. We will also be touching base with our game’s supplier and exchange contacts. Once our website is ready, we will focus then on partnerships, exchanges and kickstart our marketing campaigns.

Until then have a great week everybody.

Gauntlet Team