Project Update, 10th of September

Client Development

Our new logo is now added to the client which you can see in the video below. We’ve finished the game library and coded interactive game library items. You can see our Dashboard is preliminary finished although we will be adding a few more attributes to it in the coming weeks and months as we proceed with the development. Our prototype is shaping up nicely

Next week we will start on the Store Page and begin population of our new website.

New Logo

Our new logo is GAU written in the shape of a Gauntlet. It’s pretty clever and impressive to say the least. We are so happy with it. Thank you Eiche for your brilliant design and look forward to work with you going forward.


Our website has been in ‘Maintenance Mode’ for some time now and this is because much of the copy and documentation needed updating. In addition to this we needed Fury to spend time on coding our client. So from next week we will start to work on our new look website and brand and branding.


Our core branding document is now complete and will be given to our core group for review early next week. We are almost complete too with our user segment and customer journey document which will supplement the brand document very nicely. Why are we doing all this? For many reasons. Without careful planning and a solid direction, most project will fall flat. We have that now and it did take us time to get to this point. Being a combination of lack of resources and key individuals however we are growing a solid team dedicated to our vision. We are looking at Internal and external factors which may affect GAU, value propositions, user segments, personas and cycle engagements which will work alongside the Brand Strategy in mapping out our awareness campaigns starting very soon. Next week we will present the Brand Strategy document to the core group, complete user segments and begin copy production for the new website to work alongside Fury and other members of our team.


Our new logo and colours will begin to be showcased next week as we work on the new website. Existing and new documentation will all have the same look and feel. Things are coming together very nicely.

Media Roll Outs

Once our site is up (It will be a basic site to start with), we will begin to add media based awareness documentation including articles, podcasts etc so folks on other channels can join our journey and perhaps check out what we are doing. We will focus these in our three market segments; Gamers, Crypto-enthusiasts and Project Supporters.

Until next weeks update, we will leave you with one of our quotes inspired by Tom Freston: ‘Innovation is taking things that already exist and putting them together in new and engaging ways’

Gauntlet Team



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