Gauntlet Weekly Update — August 28th 🚀

Gauntlet E-Sport
3 min readAug 28, 2023

Greetings, esteemed members of our community! We trust you are in good health. We apologize for the minor delay in last week’s report; Silas experienced a brief absence, but he is now back with renewed energy. Let us delve into the most recent developments!

Dynamic Progress in Development 🛠️

This week’s journey of dynamic development is led by our adept engineers. A talented pair from our top-tier team is wholly committed to refining our website, while seamless enhancements in the backend propel us ahead. Anticipate an upcoming walkthrough video that will expertly guide you through the process of setting up an account, logging in, and exploring our multifaceted features. The extraordinary headway accomplished by our team truly merits commendation — applause for our exceptional contributors is in order!

Expertise in Marketing 📣

Allow us to present Dwido, our marketing virtuoso! Week after week, Dwido meticulously crafts captivating content across various vibrant social platforms. Through the careful curation of potential influencer networks and the delivery of cutting-edge material, Dwido is paving the way for the imminent introduction of WP and enhancements to the website. Whether you are interested in collaboration or seek to amplify Gauntlet’s narrative, feel at ease reaching out via email or our dynamic Discord server.

Empowering New Business Horizons 💼

The enthralling discussion with Swarm last week, a pioneering decentralized data network platform, has ignited excitement for potential collaborations within the realm of W3. In the ongoing week, we are initiating dialogues with diverse platforms, exploring partnerships, and delving into transformative fundraising avenues on the horizon.

Search for Ambassadors 🌍

Our visionary leader, Manu, is on a quest to assemble global ambassadors for Gauntlet. We are particularly excited about engaging with passionate representatives from the dynamic Asian regions. If you are prepared to champion the cause of Gauntlet and step into an ambassadorial role, do not delay. Opportunities for ambassadorship are limited — reach out to us at or directly connect with Manu on Discord.

Revolutionizing Visuals 🎨

Virginia is at the helm of our graphic renaissance, enriching client experiences through impactful upgrades. Get ready for streamlined and exceptionally user-friendly interactions. A hearty round of applause is due to Virginia for her exceptional contributions!

Join Us on Telegram 📞

Our Telegram channel is once again bustling with activity — drop by and say hello! All weekly updates will be shared there, ensuring that you are consistently informed.

Highlight of the Week 🎉

The excitement in the air is palpable! This week marks the highly anticipated revelation of the WP we’ve all been waiting for. Simultaneously, we are gearing up for comprehensive testing of the new website, with the climax scheduled for this week. Remain attentive — Friday will bring an exhilarating update as Silas makes his return.

Here’s to a week filled with anticipation and enthusiasm! Stay connected, inspired, and ready for remarkable achievements.

Warm regards,

The Gauntlet Team 🛡️🚀



Gauntlet E-Sport

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.