Gauntlet Update August 19th, 2023

Gauntlet E-Sport
2 min readAug 21, 2023

Hey @everyone, it’s Time for the Gauntlet Weekly Update on this fantastic 19th of August, 2023.

Just hopped off our weekly team call and wanted to share some good vibes with all of you

Development Buzz

Great news on the development front! Ken and Ray are making impressive strides on the client’s backend, tackling user authentication and ironing out those pesky bugs. The progress is smooth sailing, folks. Alberto is putting the final touches on the website, and guess what? Ken’s is gonna help out too!

Website Wonders & Whitepaper Whispers

Our roadmap is locked and loaded, ready for prime time! The talented developers are weaving their magic to integrate it into our spiffy new website. Oh, and mark your calendars: the updated roadmap will be a star feature in our revamped Whitepaper next week.

Business Ventures

Big things brewing here! We’re curating databases of YouTube and Twitter influencers, plus other platform powerhouses. Brace yourselves for a wave of user engagement. Special shoutouts to Manu and Dwido!

Graphics Galore

Virginia, our graphic maestro, has weaved her magic yet again. She’s transformed our roadmap data into a visually stunning graphic masterpiece. Brace yourselves to see it shine on our website and of course, our Whitepaper!

Social Media Scoop

Our very own Dwido is the MVP when it comes to rolling out those engaging posts across various platforms. Communication is key, and Dwido’s got us covered. Keeping our community in the loop about our journey is paramount.

The Exciting Countdown

Hold onto your hats, folks! We’re making amazing strides, and though we’re not locking in a firm client release date just yet, rest assured, it’s practically knocking on our door. With the third quarter of the year winding down, we’re inching closer to that exciting moment.

Until our next update,

Wishing you all a sensational weekend ahead. Let’s catch up again next week!

Cheers from the Gauntlet Team



Gauntlet E-Sport

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.