Gauntlet Update: April 22nd, 2022

Hey everybody! Silass is back thankfully after being ill for a couple of weeks.. We have continued coding development right the way through so everything is still on track. Hope everybody is having a great Easter. Let’s have a look at what we’ve been up to! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and engage with us on all our social media channels. Let’s go…

Client V1 Development

This week Fury worked on the final steps of the code refactoring, it had to be done now, because as soon as our dev team extends, it will be easier to work with the code this way. Our next step after this will be the implantation of the Binance Smart Chain into our client, which will be one of the cornerstones of the play-to-earn feature. The implementation will take a few weeks, but once it’s done, the client will have a login feature through the WalletConnect extension, meaning you can log-in to the client with your crypto wallet.

That will be used as the main identifier for the accounts in the client. Also, you will see your correct balance and transactions inside the client once you are logged in. We are really excited about our future at Gauntlet and what it holds for us. We are working very hard behind the scenes to deliver a top-tier crypto-gaming experience for you and your networks.

If you haven’t already please go ahead and download our soft demo. To download our client please follow the relative link to your operating system and execute the file:

Windows 64bit:

Windows 32bit:

Apple Silicon:

Apple Intel:

Linux 64bit:

Linux Arm 64 bit:

Courtesy of Gauntlet ESport 2022

Downloading Client Links

Originally we were going to work with Github for the purpose of uploading our client links there for people to download them, however due to the file sizes of the client, we are opting for a different route. As the files are too big, we will upload them to our website and people will be able to download them directly there. This will be done next week. Thank you for your patience.

Roadmap Deliverables

So our first quarter saw our initial V1 release, listing on Xeggex and Pancake Swap, multiple partners added to our website, our anti-cheat blueprint being drawn up, a move towards increasing our marketing presence although that will be ramped up this quarter. This current quarter will see a more functional client and focus on the play-to-earn feature, another listing, additional partners, blueprints, NFT designs and a move towards our educational portal.

More News Coming Next Week…

We will have potentially exciting news this coming week also. I don’t want to spill yet but we may have an exciting partner coming on board with us. Stay tuned…

That’s all there is for this week people. Stay tuned for further updates during the week and next weekend. Please give us your feedback on our client and anything else you feel we need to draw attention to. We are still hiring if you know of anybody interested. Please tell them to email us at Have a great weekend and week everybody.

Gauntlet Team



Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.

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Gauntlet E-Sport

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.