Gauntlet Quarterly Update: July 1st, 2022

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3 min readJul 1, 2022


Hi everybody, it’s been a few weeks since we had an article-based update and it is also now our quarterly update so here is what we’ve been up to and what we have achieved in the last number of weeks…

Client Update

In this release, we connected the client to the blockchain, and we added the login feature as well, so now you can log in with your preferred crypto wallet via WalletConnect. There are also some small design changes inside the client more of which will be added in our next release.

So… the stage is now set for the development of our Play-To-Earn feature which will see users play a game to earn rewards. The PTE feature is what we’ve been waiting for!

To download the latest release of the client (Version 2.0) please click on any of the following links that correspond to your operating system:

Gauntlet Client V2

Windows 64bit:

Windows 32bit:

Apple Silicone:

Apple Intel:

Linux 64bit:

Linux Arm 64bit:

After you’ve launched the client, you will see a ‘Connect Wallet’ prompt. This will appear every time you change tabs. When a user actually connects their wallet, the prompts will no longer appear as you use the wallet to log into your client.


When you land at the Dashboard tab, you will see the ‘Connect Wallet’ option in the top right of the client. Once you are logged in, this button will then say ‘Disconnect Wallet’ giving you the option to disconnect and log out.


The store tab will be connected to the G2A interface once our PTE feature is launched. This will allow users to browse and purchase games from all available game catalogues.


We have been in talks with a very popular global learning platform. We are very hopeful to connect their platform to our client where users can browse through thousands of tech-based courses, some certified and some not. This can assist our users to advance their careers and getting certified in their areas of passion. Going forward long-term, we will look at introducing rewards systems that would be linked to course progressions.

There are several aesthetic additions we will make to the client once we have a working PTE model in place and everything is working as it should.

Gauntlet Mojo NFTs

We have created 10 (ten) Mojo NFTs that we will showcase to our community next week so stay tuned for an update relating to that. For those that do not know Mojo is our mascot and there will be more information released about him in the next quarterly update.

What is next for Gauntlet?

Complete a working PTE feature that can be tested by a group of gamers. Once we are happy with the next stage we will open up avenues where we can present these developments to investment communities and gaming-related channels both on Discord and also offline communities. We are excited to be progressing every week and as each day edges closer we will see how users will be able to get paid while they play.

Guys that is it, hope you enjoy what we’ve been working on to date and you’ll continue to join us through to our next PTE release.

Until next time,

Enjoy your week!

Gauntlet Team



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