Here is this week’s awesome update….


The first quarter of our roadmap will show the arrival of our showcase demo client. We are about 70% complete and cannot wait to release it. Each week we are getting closer. Users will be able to download the client, sift through all…

Gauntlet Update January 21st, 2022

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night wherever you are in the world! Here is this week’s Gauntlet update.

Points to cover:

• Swap
• Whitepaper
• Roadmap
• Marketing
• Exchange
• Client
• Survey


Just 24 more days until the swap is completed…

Here is what we will talk about today:


· Development

· Whitepaper/Roadmap

· Survey


We are about nine days into the swap and we are 50% complete. Remember the swap is live until February 15th so please follow the instructions as stated in the announcement as follows:

Dear Members!

As we already told you, big changes are coming to Gauntlet, and now is the time to inform you of some up-and-coming changes. I’m sure a lot of you are excited already to get started and participate more in our journey. The time has come to ramp things…

Hi Everyone,

Hope we are all doing well and excited! Here is this week’s update!


We have been working on a new client layout and we have fully revamped the design. You will see screenshots next week to showcase what we have done. We have also finished the rewards…

Hi Everyone,

Hope everybody had a great week. This is this week’s update!


We continued on reworking the client and progressed further on the G2A integration. Things are starting to get exciting.

Vault Purchase Guide

We uploaded a Vault Purchase Guide to the website and you can find it…

Hi Everyone,

Here is last week’s update! We apologise for it being a few days late, we were waiting to get the website live.


We had additional work to get the site launched which we completed it over the last couple of days and finally it’s up. It was…

Hi Everyone,

Hope everybody is having a great weekend. Here is this week’s update!


We worked on the rewards tab as we are waiting on our game’s supplier (agreement finalisation) so we can continue our store tab. So, our rewards tab will identify Game Titles that you played, the…

Gauntlet E-Sport

Gauntlet is a new paid-to-play gaming model that rewards players for playing their favourite games using the GAU Client.

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